Owner:  Phil Englander



Monthly Member Showcase, September 2018
Owner: Phil Englander
2013 Mustang – Shelby GT500


Phils’s car will be showcased at the September 13th membership meeting. Shelby contributed to the legacy that would engrain the Mustang into the history books as one of the greatest muscle cars ever made.  Come see as what makes this legacy live on.

As always, visitors are always encouraged to come out and see what we are all about.



By:  Phil Englander


I started my love for Car/Truck Clubs back in 1989 when I purchased my first Mini Truck, a New Nissan Hardbody. Back in the day it was all about how low to the ground you can get, and how loud the Stereo was! Fast forward to 2004 when I purchased a Ford Lightning Pickup. Then it became all about Horsepower. When my Daughter was born in 2006, the Lighting would no longer work for the 4 of us..someone would have to stay home since it only accommodated 3! In 2013, while I was the Fleet Director for Galpin Ford, a client asked me to order him a Shelby GT500 Convertible. He said “order it they way you would want it!”


In 2014, that client was unable to drive the Car due to medical reasons. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I finally had a Car that the 4 of us could enjoy. Heather, Ty, Tia and I joined the Valley Mustang Club and have enjoyed taking our Shelby on various runs and attending various Car Shows over the last few years. 


Our Shelby is part of the Family and continues to put a smile on my face each time I drive her. Again, it’s all about the Horsepower and this Shelby delivers it with 652 horses, and the Convertible makes her a great weekend Vehicle. Whether it’s on a run or a run to the Market, she gets looks and impresses folks where ever she goes. There is nothing like a Mustang! 






On behalf of Best Friends Animal Society, Michelle Sathe, Celeste and Wonder Woman wish to extend their gratitude to the members of the Valley Mustang Club for our donation to this very worthy charity.



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